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The grail

This past January, Videri founders Sam, Starr and Chris traveled from their roots in Raleigh, NC across this great land, all the way to the magical city of San Francisco. Their purpose: to collect a Good Food Award in the category of chocolate for their 90% Ecuadorian dark chocolate. What follows is a chronicle in photos of their delicious journey deep into the heart what it means to make and eat good food.

 the trecherous road ahead of great treasures

Our heroes began their journey like many heroes do: humble, perhaps a little bit reluctant and nervous,  but mainly excited about the treasures the road ahead had in store for them.

The ceremony was held in a beautiful palace of fine arts. Our heroes were stunned and in awe of all the beauty they beheld. 

fellowship of the good food

It was a fellowship of sorts, this team on a journey to achieve greatness.

the quest

They had nearly achieved their quest, all that lay between them and greatness was to reach out and clutch it!


Greatness achieved!

And to the victors, go the spoils. Our heros now sat in a pantheon of demi-gods in the realm of Good Food.

They celebrated by spreading their good cheer far and wide, for all the land to sample. 

Flush with the warm sense of victory, our heroes welcomed all challengers, "Avast ye!" they excaimed, "Who among ye can tasteth our chocolate rich and fair and not be charmed by it's seductive aroma and lack of biterness?!"

And ye verily, none were left wanting. 

Our heroes feasted on the local delights...

They danced the night away...

And traveled onward to new adventures. Until next time, dear reader, eat well and be merry!



Photo credits: Michelle Rider, Starr Sink and Sam Ratto

In celebration of New Year’s resolutions being made, we’re kicking off 2014 with three sweet tidbits to help improve your health. Dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients that can positively affect your health when incorporated into a healthy diet. So whether you’re hitting the gym, stocking up on fruits and vegetables, or finding ways to maximize your productivity, take some time to reward yourself with a sweet and healthy treat!

Tip 1

Handcrafted at our factory and made from organic ingredients, our Classic Dark Chocolate bar is more than your sweet tooth’s best friend—it can boost your brain function and improve your mood! One study surveying people who ate dark chocolate over the course of five days found that they experienced increased blood flow to the brain and improved cognitive function. Dark chocolate also contains several compounds that have a positive effect on your mood and cognitive health by releasing a chemical called PEA, the same chemical created when falling in love! PEA prompts the brain to release endorphins, in turn improving your overall mood and making you feel happier.

Tip 2

Did you know a one-ounce square of dark chocolate packs as much antioxidant power as a five-ounce glass of red wine? Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants essential for supporting a healthy immune system. The cocoa bean contains flavinols, which are believed to improve heart health by lowering blood pressure and improving blood flow. It’s important to remember that chocolate containing high percentages of cocoa will ultimately contain more flavanols. A recent study by North Carolina State University found that our Classic Dark Chocolate contains 150% higher antioxidant levels when compared with national dark chocolate brands. Choosing to eat antioxidant-rich foods like dark chocolate can protect your body from disease and slow the signs of aging.

Tip 3

If you're trying to cut back on coffee or energy drinks this year, grab a bar of dark chocolate to help keep you going. Dark chocolate contains a mild dose of caffeine, a stimulant that increases energy and makes you feel more alert. One bar of organic dark chocolate contains 27 mg of caffeine, considerably less compared to the 200 mg of caffeine found in an eight ounce cup of coffee. One square of ourClassic Dark Chocolate can help boost your productivity throughout the day.

Videri’s dark chocolate provides your body with powerful health benefits that boost brainpower, prevent disease, and increase productivity. So take a moment to reward yourself with a treat you and your sweet tooth can feel good about all year long! Grab a bar of Videri’s Classic Dark Chocolate available on our online store.





We’ve been hearing The Kids around here talking about "hashtag" this and "hashtag" that. A funny bit Jimmy Fallon and J.T. did on using "hashtag" as a casual conversational vehicle (#CajConvo). Well we figure it's high time Videri gets in on the #hashtag action. Even better (for YOU) is that you get free hand-crafted bean-to-bar chocolate just by bringing some Videri along with you on an adventure, vacation, or both! Just take a picture like you would already, include your Videri chocolate in that pic and post it to your Instagram or Twitter with #VideriThere. Easy? Fun? We think so.

Even the flyer for the #VideriThere promotion is FUN:

videri there flyer

Summer is giving us its last sun splashes here in The Triangle and we’re soaking it in. We were so busy in August that our ‘Chocolate Lover’ Videri fan feature was completely forgotten! Inexcusable stuff, this will NOT happen again. Cruising in to September we have to give one special Factory guest a shout out. Anita Purnell is that fan. We asked her, “Hey! Anita! You like us and we like you. What’s your DEAL?” And she was kind enough to reply:

“I live in Willow Spring and love NC. I am a WV native. I enjoy traveling and do so as often as possible. I, also, love art and politics. I have a passion for photography. Videri Chocolate is, by far, the best chocolate ever.  It’s difficult to choose a favorite, everything is so delicious …but, I have to say that the dark chocolate bar made me cry happy tears.  It really is that good!”

See what I mean? She’s a fan.

She does enjoy traveling. This is NOT in North Carolina.

Do you want to be a Videri Chocolate Fan of the Month? Tell us what you love about Videri on our Facebook page, your blog, twitter, or Instagram and tag us. We’ll pick a winner every month for a free prize!

We wanted to write on this here blog a little more often and also wanted to spotlight some of our highlights here at The Factory . Some of our in-house gems. No better place to start than with Raleigh’s very own Roxanne Ejlali. She has grown up here…well not HERE in the chocolate Factory…here in our wonderful city. She keeps you chocolate lovers happy at our retail counter and Videri would undoubtedly be lost without her. Ladies and gentleman: Roxanne!

VIDERI: So…um…to get the CHOCOLATE stuff out there right off the bat here; what are your TOP 5 favorite things to put chocolate ON? Angel food cake maybe? 

ROXANNE: This should be easy because I eat chocolate all day, everyday. 

  • Graham cracker, marshmallow, and chocolate is a classic. Eating s’mores with Videri chocolate is the ultimate camp fire dream. 
  • In the comfort of my own home I like to dunk my Videri chocolate in a jar of peanut butter…don’t judge! 
  • Eating Videri chocolate with fruit has been a tasty treat as well: cherries, strawberries, and bananas are some favorites…cantaloupe not so much.
  • I’m not great in the kitchen so I prefer to leave all of the baking to the professionals: Capital Club 16′s pound cake with Videri chocolate fudge sauce is perfect. Poole’s Diner has a Videri dark chocolate torte that will blow your mind. The Sweeter Side has the ultimate Videri brownie.
  • Last but not least I love chocolate and beer! Thanks to all of our awesome local breweries we’ve had Videri cocoa nibs featured in many different beers. I frequent Tasty Beverage, which has carried Videri collaborations from Lonerider, and Duck Head. And our new neighbors Crank Arm have done a fantastic job with our cocoa nibs! Cheers to chocolate and beer! 

V: We’re having an annoyingly extra-rainy summer here, huh. Your Top 5 favorite Sunny Summer jams, please. And no Beach Boys allowed here, okay?

  • Daft Punk – Get Lucky
  • 2 Chainz – Feds Watching
  • Lady Gaga – Applause
  • Justin Timberlake – Strawberry Bubblegum
  • Jay Z  - Holy Grail

V: We are a very lunch-focussed staff at the Factory aren’t we. What are your Top 5 favorite lunch items Roxanne? And why? WHY??

  • Apple slices and carrots – I love crunchy! 
  • Anything from Capital Club 16 – hands down my favorite! 
  • Dalat is a go-to spot. 
  • I have a weakness for pizza.
  • It is rare that I crave a burger but when I do I go to Chucks.

V:  It is a sunny Sunday today (finally). I am almost 100% sure that you are near a swimming pool this afternoon…what are your Top 5 activities this summer?

  • I love lounging by the pool reading Vogue or just napping
  • However, the ULTIMATE summer activity is going to the beach.
  • I enjoy outdoor activities when it isn’t too hot – walks, bike rides, croquette, or bocci.
  • It is nice to take a break from the heat by going to the NC Art Museum or CAM.
  • Going to the movie theater is a favorite activity as well. 

V:  Sunday is MY favorite day of the week. Wednesday is a distant second. But this is not supposed to be about me Roxanne! What are YOUR Top 5 favorite days of the week? And WHY?

  • 1. Sunday – favorite day of the week because I have the day off to play and relax.
  • 2. Saturday – it is our busiest day at Videri and there’s something fun and special about Saturdays.
  • 3. Friday – the weekend buzz is at it’s peak.
  • 4. Thursday – thirsty Thursday! I like to enjoy beer at Tasty Beverage or Crank Arm after work.
  • 5. Wednesday – I  pick up flowers for Videri from the Farmers Market. Flowers guarantee to put a smile on my face!

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