Videri’s retail counter is the exclusive source for our entire catalog of chocolate offerings.

In addition to chocolate bars, visitors can purchase handmade seasonal bonbons, caramels, and other confections, as well as baking chocolate, hot chocolate mix, cocoa nibs, cocoa tea, and a selection of lovingly curated local products.


What is a bonbon? A bonbon is a confection (such as ganache, truffle, or caramel) made with a thin chocolate shell or coating. Videri is one of only a few chocolate makers who create “bean-to-bonbon” confections, using only natural ingredients with a focus on flavor and local sourcing. Bonbons can be purchased individually, or ask our team to help you customize a gift box for the ultimate chocolate-lovers indulgence.

Without stabilizers or chemical preservatives, these delicious treats are perishable; we recommend enjoying within 10 days.