As you may have noticed there’s some recent controversy over the Mast Brothers and their legitimacy as bean-to-bar chocolate makers. It’s our belief the Mast Brothers have done some great things to bring the bean-to-bar movement into the cultural conversation. However, they made an egregious error when they made the decision to re-melt bulk chocolate and sell it to their customers as “bean-to-bar”.

We work very hard to educate our customers as to why we charge the prices we do for chocolate. Bean-to-bar method is much more labor intensive than the re-melting method in the process of making chocolate products. To betray that trust not only does a disservice to the Mast Brother’s clientele but to the industry as a whole, such is the burden of being a figurehead in our field.

We want to take this opportunity to reassure our customers and fans we are proud to say every ounce of chocolate that has ever left our building was made by Videri using the bean-to-bar method. We know our customers care deeply about how their food is made, it goes without saying we do too. We’ve offered factory tours from day one and all are welcome to come see our production methods. It’s our intention to continue this tradition of transparency.

We hope this media attention will promote a positive move towards greater transparency in our food systems at large. We hope the attention inspires people to take more care, ask more questions and be more connected to the vendors and purveyors bringing food to their table. We hope to continue our tradition of integrity in our methods, no matter the cost.

Thank you for your continued support of Videri, we will treat it as a great privilege to continue to bring our best products to you.

Sam, Starr and Chris