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Matthew Cronheim at Arrowhead Collective burn-treated our pine fence that surrounds our newly re-landscaped patio. If you haven’t been by since Corey from Clyde Oak and his crew worked their magic over here it is definitely worth a visit. Very relaxing out there on the patio now.

We wanted to feature Matthew’s process as we all enjoyed watching him work the days he was doing his thing on our fence. As the craftsman, we figured his words would be the best words to use here:

“ We are a custom design and fabrication shop focusing on steel and woodwork. We combine materials, forms, and structures in unique ways and we’re dedicated to quality above all else.

For the wall specifically, we mimicked a traditional Japanese method (shou-sugi-ban) on locally harvested and milled Southern Yellow Pine. In additional to being aesthetically pleasing, this technique renders the wood virtually maintenance free – fire, rot, and bug resistant – via a layer of carbon created by burning. By employing this technique, we were able to locally create a durable, beautiful product without any industrial materials or processes.”

Come by and check it out for yourself. Have an iced coffee and have a seat! In the meantime, here are some pictures of Matthew at work here…

Fence Before the burn

Before the burn!

Getting fired up

Getting fired up.

Fired up

Fired up…

 ALL fired up!

ALL Fired up!

 Fence After

Fully treated.

 Fence After 2

Looks fantastic.

Fence Finale

Over the fence…

Pretty neat stuff, huh? Well to see more of Matthew’s ventures, follow him on Instagram.


Dave Gooch (You know. "Gooch"?) had a bright idea to keep all of our days bright. Compost. From the Desk Of Dave Gooch:

In an ongoing effort to reduce waste, Videri is pleased to announce our foray into composting. Thanks to the fine folks at, we have our first composting bin. Most of the packaging at Videri is compost ready, including all our cups, straws, and napkins at the coffee counter (unfortunately not the hot cup lids, though those are still recyclable). So come by, enjoy a chocolate, have a coffee and don't feel guilty about tossing out that cup (just make sure to toss it in the right place).

For more information on composting or how you can get in on it, check out


Dave Gooch
Coffee Manager
Videri Chocolate Factory

bagged up

Bagged up!

not trash

NOT trash

Not trash

Repeat : NOT trash


Dave Gooch

This guy right here is Dave. Dave Gooch. Just "Gooch" if you’re friendly. He’s a great guy and he’s new to town. He drove all the way across this country leaving his wife behind (Sarah will be in Raleigh next week) to start up our coffee counter and he’s jumped right to it.

Dave Gooch

There's Dave Gooch pulling espresso.

He made coffee drinks at the fantastic Portfolio Coffee House in Long Beach, CA. A great place we can learn a lot from.

Dave Gooch

Packs a serious punch, believe me.

Dave Gooch

Brewing some deep & dark Stumptown brew.

We were discussing how the counter seems to be getting busier every day and we’ll definitely take that! Come meet Dave. Come have a latte, mocha or just a hot cup of one or more of the five varieties of Stumptown coffee we’re proud to be serving right now. We’re discussing longer hours for coffee fanatics who need their coffee earlier or later than we’re open these days, we’ll keep you posted on those changes if they happen. We’ll be reminding you before next Friday but mark in your calendar that this next First Friday (April 5th) we’ll be holding an official Coffee Counter Launch event after 7 pm here at the Factory. Stay up EXTRA late with some Stumptown coffee to keep you bright-eyed!

Dave Gooch

Dave Gooch

We'll also sell you a 12 oz. bag of Stumptown beans to go if you have to have some around the house or your office. Prices range between $14 and $17.