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Introducing Videri Direct: Monthly chocolate delivered directly to your door. Sign up for Videri Direct and each month we send you a package of three of our signature chocolate bars plus one seasonal flavor chocolate bar. Your credit card information will be securely kept on file with our credit card processor and at the beginning of each month your card will be charged the monthly subscription cost, then we’ll ship your chocolate! Pricing is $28.50 per month + tax (where applicable).

Videri Direct FAQ

  • Can I buy large orders for corporate gifting or special events?

  • How can I give feedback?

    • We’re currently in process of developing a web form for customers to fill out to tell us which bars they liked. In the meantime, please contact with any feedback regarding your subscription.

  • How many products can I expect?

    • You will receive three chocolate bars, each with different ingredients. These flavors will be exclusive to the Videri Direct subscribers.

  • How long does the subscription last?
    • Subscriptions are sold in 6 and 12 month increments. 
  • How much is shipping?

    • Shipping is included on all orders.

  • When can I expect delivery?

    • Videri Direct subscription packages are shipped on the date of your first purchase and take 2-6 days to arrive. Example: if you ordered on June 3rd your first shipment will arrive in 2-6 days, your second order will process July 3rd and ship in 2-6 days, etc.

  • Can I see what’s included in the shipment before I buy it?

    • Part of the appeal of Videri Direct is the element of surprise. Rest assured, each new flavor is rigorously vetted by our chocolate experts to make sure we’re providing excellent tasting chocolate.

  • What if I have food allergies?

    • Videri is a nut-free facility, meaning all tree nuts and many common legumes are prohibited from use in the production facility. More information can be found here.

    • Some of our chocolate contains milk and dairy products. If you would like to excluded milk and dairy products from your subscription email us at and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

  • When do I get billed?

    • You’ll get billed for your first order the day after your order is placed. Recurring orders will be billed on the 1st of each month.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    • You can cancel your subscription at any time by going to “My Account”, selecting “My Subscriptions”, selecting the desired subscription payment reference ID and finally selecting “Cancel this subscription”.

    • If you require assistance canceling your subscription please don't hesitate to contact us at

December 09, 2014

Chocolate Holidays!

Chocolate for the Holidays!

We're celebrating the holidays with new chocolate products! Our famous Peppermint chocolate bar is back! We sell out of this every year so order yours today! We're also bringing back our famous sipping chocolate mix, a great chocolate treat to enjoy with loved ones around the fire this winter. Head over to our online shop for more info!

Important info on shipping! To our customers west of the Mississippi, to ensure delivery of your order before 12.24.14, order before 12.17.14 @ 12p PST. To our customers on the East Coast, to ensure delivery of your order before 12.24.14, order before 12.22.14 @ 3p EST. For questions, visit our contact page.

In celebration of New Year’s resolutions being made, we’re kicking off 2014 with three sweet tidbits to help improve your health. Dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients that can positively affect your health when incorporated into a healthy diet. So whether you’re hitting the gym, stocking up on fruits and vegetables, or finding ways to maximize your productivity, take some time to reward yourself with a sweet and healthy treat!

Tip 1

Handcrafted at our factory and made from organic ingredients, our Classic Dark Chocolate bar is more than your sweet tooth’s best friend—it can boost your brain function and improve your mood! One study surveying people who ate dark chocolate over the course of five days found that they experienced increased blood flow to the brain and improved cognitive function. Dark chocolate also contains several compounds that have a positive effect on your mood and cognitive health by releasing a chemical called PEA, the same chemical created when falling in love! PEA prompts the brain to release endorphins, in turn improving your overall mood and making you feel happier.

Tip 2

Did you know a one-ounce square of dark chocolate packs as much antioxidant power as a five-ounce glass of red wine? Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants essential for supporting a healthy immune system. The cocoa bean contains flavinols, which are believed to improve heart health by lowering blood pressure and improving blood flow. It’s important to remember that chocolate containing high percentages of cocoa will ultimately contain more flavanols. A recent study by North Carolina State University found that our Classic Dark Chocolate contains 150% higher antioxidant levels when compared with national dark chocolate brands. Choosing to eat antioxidant-rich foods like dark chocolate can protect your body from disease and slow the signs of aging.

Tip 3

If you're trying to cut back on coffee or energy drinks this year, grab a bar of dark chocolate to help keep you going. Dark chocolate contains a mild dose of caffeine, a stimulant that increases energy and makes you feel more alert. One bar of organic dark chocolate contains 27 mg of caffeine, considerably less compared to the 200 mg of caffeine found in an eight ounce cup of coffee. One square of ourClassic Dark Chocolate can help boost your productivity throughout the day.

Videri’s dark chocolate provides your body with powerful health benefits that boost brainpower, prevent disease, and increase productivity. So take a moment to reward yourself with a treat you and your sweet tooth can feel good about all year long! Grab a bar of Videri’s Classic Dark Chocolate available on our online store.


We’ve been hearing The Kids around here talking about "hashtag" this and "hashtag" that. A funny bit Jimmy Fallon and J.T. did on using "hashtag" as a casual conversational vehicle (#CajConvo). Well we figure it's high time Videri gets in on the #hashtag action. Even better (for YOU) is that you get free hand-crafted bean-to-bar chocolate just by bringing some Videri along with you on an adventure, vacation, or both! Just take a picture like you would already, include your Videri chocolate in that pic and post it to your Instagram or Twitter with #VideriThere. Easy? Fun? We think so.

Even the flyer for the #VideriThere promotion is FUN:

videri there flyer

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