Summer is giving us its last sun splashes here in The Triangle and we’re soaking it in. We were so busy in August that our ‘Chocolate Lover’ Videri fan feature was completely forgotten! Inexcusable stuff, this will NOT happen again. Cruising in to September we have to give one special Factory guest a shout out. Anita Purnell is that fan. We asked her, “Hey! Anita! You like us and we like you. What’s your DEAL?” And she was kind enough to reply:

“I live in Willow Spring and love NC. I am a WV native. I enjoy traveling and do so as often as possible. I, also, love art and politics. I have a passion for photography. Videri Chocolate is, by far, the best chocolate ever.  It’s difficult to choose a favorite, everything is so delicious …but, I have to say that the dark chocolate bar made me cry happy tears.  It really is that good!”

See what I mean? She’s a fan.

She does enjoy traveling. This is NOT in North Carolina.

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