Dave Gooch (You know. "Gooch"?) had a bright idea to keep all of our days bright. Compost. From the Desk Of Dave Gooch:

In an ongoing effort to reduce waste, Videri is pleased to announce our foray into composting. Thanks to the fine folks at CompostNow.org, we have our first composting bin. Most of the packaging at Videri is compost ready, including all our cups, straws, and napkins at the coffee counter (unfortunately not the hot cup lids, though those are still recyclable). So come by, enjoy a chocolate, have a coffee and don't feel guilty about tossing out that cup (just make sure to toss it in the right place).

For more information on composting or how you can get in on it, check out CompostNow.org.


Dave Gooch
Coffee Manager
Videri Chocolate Factory

bagged up

Bagged up!

not trash

NOT trash

Not trash

Repeat : NOT trash