We wanted to write on this here blog a little more often and also wanted to spotlight some of our highlights here at The Factory . Some of our in-house gems. No better place to start than with Raleigh’s very own Roxanne Ejlali. She has grown up here…well not HERE in the chocolate Factory…here in our wonderful city. She keeps you chocolate lovers happy at our retail counter and Videri would undoubtedly be lost without her. Ladies and gentleman: Roxanne!

VIDERI: So…um…to get the CHOCOLATE stuff out there right off the bat here; what are your TOP 5 favorite things to put chocolate ON? Angel food cake maybe? 

ROXANNE: This should be easy because I eat chocolate all day, everyday. 

  • Graham cracker, marshmallow, and chocolate is a classic. Eating s’mores with Videri chocolate is the ultimate camp fire dream. 
  • In the comfort of my own home I like to dunk my Videri chocolate in a jar of peanut butter…don’t judge! 
  • Eating Videri chocolate with fruit has been a tasty treat as well: cherries, strawberries, and bananas are some favorites…cantaloupe not so much.
  • I’m not great in the kitchen so I prefer to leave all of the baking to the professionals: Capital Club 16′s pound cake with Videri chocolate fudge sauce is perfect. Poole’s Diner has a Videri dark chocolate torte that will blow your mind. The Sweeter Side has the ultimate Videri brownie.
  • Last but not least I love chocolate and beer! Thanks to all of our awesome local breweries we’ve had Videri cocoa nibs featured in many different beers. I frequent Tasty Beverage, which has carried Videri collaborations from Lonerider, and Duck Head. And our new neighbors Crank Arm have done a fantastic job with our cocoa nibs! Cheers to chocolate and beer! 

V: We’re having an annoyingly extra-rainy summer here, huh. Your Top 5 favorite Sunny Summer jams, please. And no Beach Boys allowed here, okay?

  • Daft Punk – Get Lucky
  • 2 Chainz – Feds Watching
  • Lady Gaga – Applause
  • Justin Timberlake – Strawberry Bubblegum
  • Jay Z  - Holy Grail

V: We are a very lunch-focussed staff at the Factory aren’t we. What are your Top 5 favorite lunch items Roxanne? And why? WHY??

  • Apple slices and carrots – I love crunchy! 
  • Anything from Capital Club 16 – hands down my favorite! 
  • Dalat is a go-to spot. 
  • I have a weakness for pizza.
  • It is rare that I crave a burger but when I do I go to Chucks.

V:  It is a sunny Sunday today (finally). I am almost 100% sure that you are near a swimming pool this afternoon…what are your Top 5 activities this summer?

  • I love lounging by the pool reading Vogue or just napping
  • However, the ULTIMATE summer activity is going to the beach.
  • I enjoy outdoor activities when it isn’t too hot – walks, bike rides, croquette, or bocci.
  • It is nice to take a break from the heat by going to the NC Art Museum or CAM.
  • Going to the movie theater is a favorite activity as well. 

V:  Sunday is MY favorite day of the week. Wednesday is a distant second. But this is not supposed to be about me Roxanne! What are YOUR Top 5 favorite days of the week? And WHY?

  • 1. Sunday – favorite day of the week because I have the day off to play and relax.
  • 2. Saturday – it is our busiest day at Videri and there’s something fun and special about Saturdays.
  • 3. Friday – the weekend buzz is at it’s peak.
  • 4. Thursday – thirsty Thursday! I like to enjoy beer at Tasty Beverage or Crank Arm after work.
  • 5. Wednesday – I  pick up flowers for Videri from the Farmers Market. Flowers guarantee to put a smile on my face!