Confectionery Contemplations

A series dedicated to musings on creations coming out of the Videri Chocolate Factory Confections Kitchen from our Head Confectioner, Nicole Evans Groth.

A candy bar is decadent. Nougat, caramel, fudge, toffee, marshmallow, coconut, pretzels, cookie wafers, rice crisps, vanilla cream, maple cream, cherry cream…the combination of these and so many more confectionery delights surrounded by chocolate are seemingly endless.

A candy bar is exciting. In one bite you may snap through a thin chocolate shell, sink into soft, rich caramel, crunch into a crisp cookie, and finally plunge into dense, chewy fudge.

In other words, a candy bar is an over-the-top confection. As it should be…

So, as a craft chocolate confectioner, how do I create something that is both over-the-top and yet still true to the spirit of the craft? Easy! First, apply the same principles as I would to any of our confections:

  • Choose flavors and ingredients that are as fine as the fine chocolate to which they will be added
  • Choose flavors and ingredients that are either classic or new (relative to traditional flavors of fine chocolates) and compelling, while still being approachable
  • Balance flavors
  • Respect the chocolate, in terms of flavors and technique 

And, second, add an element of decadence and excitement. Typically that means layering at least two texturally different components within the candy bar. Though sometimes subtle, the contrast in texture and the visual contrast the layers create let us all enjoy a little “candy bar wow!”

With all that in mind, consider the Pear Spice bar. A layer of juicy pear butter, warm “spice cake” ganache, and chocolaty flax cereal crumbles. In one bite you get to snap through a thin chocolate shell, dive into luscious pear butter, slip into creamy spiced ganache, and end with exclamatory crisps.

Pear Spice is decadent. Pear Spice is exciting.

-Nicole Evans Groth

You can now find The Pear Spice Bar online!  Get it before it's gone!