The founders of Videri fell backwards into chocolate. Sam and Starr didn’t sit around
as kids dreaming of becoming chocolate makers. They didn’t tell their teachers they wanted
to be cacao-auteurs on career day. They didn’t major in confectionary science at college. They did
what a lot of people do: worked a bunch of different jobs until they found one they loved.

And then they did what a lot of lucky people are fortunate enough to do: start their own business.
A chocolate business. Which sounds like an oxymoron, but somehow isn’t, to this very day.

Behold: Videri.

At Videri, we’re living up to our name. We’re doubling down on the tenets of
realness-ism. We’re making handcrafted bean-to-bar chocolate. We’re staffed by
undeniably good people. And we’re supporting cacao farmers who are committed
to the highest quality beans and sustainable farming practices.

We don’t know if we’re the only ones doing what we do, but we do know that no one does
it with more honesty or gratitude.